Lithan’s Skills Certificate Programs are generally offered to the candidates who would like to attain job ready skills in different fields such as Digital business, digital marketing, digital system administration, software engineering. This course is designed for Professionals, Managers, and Executives who would like to transform their business into digital. This course is also suitable for business owners who would like to transform their business to digital. Successful applicant should have minimum 2 years experience in any field with reading and writing proficiency in English.


Acquire Business Innovation Design Skills

Learn business innovation design using Ten Type of Innovation concepts Learn to use the 5 stages design thinking process for generating innovative and user centric solutions and design an innovative business model applying the Lean Canvas Methodology

Acquire Digital Innovation & Technology Skills

Understand emerging technologies trends and the cause and effect for the future workplace Learn modern workplace skills leveraging on emerging digital innovations including unified communication platform, robotic process automation software and intelligent AI chatbot for building a collaborative and connected workplace with efficiency and accessibility

Attain skills from Digital Transformation Insights

Gain knowledge and skills in integrating the art and science of business and digital innovation design and technology with multiple case studies including lean canvas analytics, business models, data analytics, AI chatbot.

Learning Component

Module Names

  • Modul 1 - Business innovation design

  • Modul 2 - Digital innovation & technology

  • Modul 3 - Digital transformation insights

  • Modul 4 - Digital transformation project capstone

Learning Component

Learning Activities and Delivery Mode

  • E learning/Online Asynchronous through LMS

  • Flipped Class/Live Streaming

  • Assignment/Online Synchronous through webinar

  • Project Mentoring/Live Streaming

  • Summative Assessment/Live Streaming

Schedule Program

Total duration = 240.5 hours. The program will be commenced in February 2022

  • Modul 1: 15 hours E-Learning, 15 hours Flipped Class, 15 hours Assignment = 45 hours

  • Modul 2: 15 hours E-Learning, 15 hours Flipped Class, 15 hours Assignment = 45 hours

  • Modul 3: 15 hours E-Learning, 15 hours Flipped Class, 15 hours Assignment = 45 hours

  • Modul 4: 45 hours Project Mentoring, 60 hours Project Implementation, 0.5 hours Assessment = 105.5 hours

Graduation Requirements

Minimum attendance of 75% and Assessment

  • Formative Assessment for concept modules (module 1 to 3) :- MCQ Assignments and must score average 75% to become competent

  • Summative Assessment for capstone module (module 4) via Project Report, Project Presentation and Review & Feedback.

  • Must score 75% in the Summative Assessments to become competent: Project Report (Self paced ) - 70%, Project Presentation (15 min)- 30%, and Review & Feedback - 15 min

  • Scheduled Program

    Pelajari Course ini dengan kecepatan dan jadwal Anda sendiri

  • Qualitified Content

    Course ini telah melalui tahapan kurasi dan revisi yang ketat, sehingga kami pastikan Anda mendapatkan course dengan kualitas yang baik

  • Certificate Ready

    Dapatkan sertifikat begitu Anda menyelesaikan course ini, diterbitkan oleh EDUCLAS, Singapore

  • Blended Learning

    Belajar course ini secara online

  • Qualified Creator

    Kreator Course ini sudah memiliki track record yang terbukti di bidangnya

  • Affordable Price

    Dapatkan course ini dengan harga yang okay

Professional Instructors

Training Provider


Professional Instructors who deliver this program are provided by LITHAN- a Digital Learning & Talent Platform with a mission to develop future ready talents and enterprises for the new digital economy. HQ in Singapore with presence across ASEAN & the Indian subcontinent. Edutrust-certified by Committee for Private Education (CPE), a government agency which regulates private education in Singapore. An Accredited CET Centre (Continuing Education & Training) by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), a government agency which regulates adult learning in Singapore. Accredited training centers for Pearson BTEC and Scottish Qualifications Authority.